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AWIAFF 2018| “Perfume War,” an Interview with Barbara Stegemann

Screen Nova Scotia

Nominated for best documentary

The Toronto Star

Two different fronts in battle for Afghanistan

The Globe and Mail

The message and momentum of Michael Melski’s Perfume War is contagious

She Does the City

Pefume War: Barb Stegemann's ‘7 Virtues’ and the fight for peace

Point of View Magazine

The POV Interview: Michael Melski Talks ‘Perfume War’

Vancouver Sun

Documentary extols virtues of making perfume, not war

National Post

Perfume War has real substance. The doc is smart enough to identify and provide compelling answers for how and why socially conscious business models are the only sustainable form of capitalism for the future.

Pacific Standard

The Man Who Defied the Taliban by Growing Flowers

Chronicle Herald

All Nova Scotian documentary making waves

Chronicle Herald

ATLANTIC FILM FESTIVAL: Perfume War, gripping, unforgettable

Local Xpress

Class reunion: Soldier, entrepreneur and filmmaker from King's collaborate in Perfume War

CTV Atlantic News

Maria Panopalis interviews Barb Stegemann about the film "Perfume War" on Live at Five

CTV Atlantic News

An interview with Mike Melski and Barb Stegemann on the film "Perfume War"

The Sheldon Macleod Show on News 95.7

An interview with Mike Melski

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The Halifax Metro

Stories untold and worlds unexplored': Atlantic Film Festival launches film selections to travel globe from comfort of home

Local Xpress

36th Atlantic Film Festival to feature East Coast stories of inspiration

The Chronicle Herald

Atlantic film festival gets personal

The Coast

The Atlantic Film Festival announces its 2016 program

The Chronicle Herald

Melski to direct Stegemann documentary

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